Jon Davis

"Music is a powerful form of expression.  Where is the beginning and end of a song? At what point is a song complete? What is the real drive behind music or any art form for that matter? It induces trance like states of consciousness and impregnates the mind with images and messages that transport the listener to a different universe if for only three to four minutes. I ask myself each time I sit down to write, where do I want to take you? and where do I want to go? As a child I fell in love with music the way you fall in love with a partner you’ve been married to for 1000 years. It is a familiar and all encompassing love, and yet music has also been as infatuating as teenage first love. I studied vocally from the age of six and followed the path wherever it lead me. Some roads were dark, some dreary, and some so magical I forgot who I was. When I returned to music as a young adult, I brought with me a wealth of experience. I felt as though I’d walked in the desert for years fighting an intense battle of self discovery. I have searched for purpose in my sound, and each time I’ve asked, what has been returned to me is this; “empower others” That is the ultimate goal of my music, to empower people. To empower them to feel, and be brave enough to decidedly make choices, and to exercise free will. This world we inhabit is meant to hold us as we are meant to hold it. I use my voice, my words, and my soul to empower those who look for more than meets the eye in everything. The world that I live in, sing in, and perform in is nothing short of Wonderland."

Jonathan Davis brings a unique understanding of musical artistry that he expresses through original compositions, melodies, and lyrics. He blends his traditional and classical vocal training in combination with modern/commercial style pop form. Distinctive in his approach to songwriting, he brings a fresh and uplifting energy to modern contemporary music through the mix of traditional vocal music, contemporary adult, and pop. He was born on an Indian reservation in Tuba City, Arizona, and at the age of two his family moved to Colorado where he was raised, and stared in his first SAG feature film entitled "Woodshop" at age 17. He went on to act in commercials, network television, and other independent films; however, with a heart set on music he left film and television to pursue other interests while honing his artistic focus. In 2019 he has generated interest in his unique style of his music debuting at Triad Theater and signing with Sony/ATV Music Producer, Christopher 'C-Ray' Roberts and his production company OnKey Entertainment for his first EP which will be released in early 2020. The full studio album will be release later in the year. In addition to composing his own instrumental and lyrical work much of his work is self-produced. Jonathan is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve, and believes in using the power of his music to communicate a message of empowerment and love.