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Recording artist Jon Davis has been quick to establish himself and his artistry; finding his way onto playlists all around the world with his first three singles "Easy", "Goodbye", and "You Will Be Loved. His earliest releases are currently featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly, along with features from LÜM Music on playlists such as "PopX" and "Todays Top Hits" Jon Davis is known for his lyrical work and powerful vocals born of contemporary and classical vocal training from esteemed coaches such as Seth Riggs and Karen Parks. The pop/soul/EDM singer has caught quick attention for his re-envisioned approach to commercial pop, and his inclusion of contemporary and traditional vocal practices. Jon is distinctive in his approach to songwriting, and brings a fresh perspective to modern contemporary music.  


Jon Davis was born on the Navajo Indian reservation in Tuba City, Arizona and moved to Highlands Ranch Colorado at the Age of 2. This unique early perspective of the world lead him to begin singing at the age of 5 cultivating a love of the creative young. At the age of 17 he began acting with a leading role in a SAG feature film entitled Woodshop and went on to work in commercials, network television, and other independent films, before venturing into business advertising and marketing. In 2017 Jon Davis reentered the music industry in New York City, and signed his first production deal leading to his debut performance of entirely original material at Triad Theater. Shortly after he signed with Sony/ATV Music Producer, Christopher 'C-Ray' Roberts and his production company OnKey Entertainment  and Luiz Serva and his production company Studio19 Records for his first EP released in September of 2020. Since his first release Jon has collaborated with producers all around the world and continues to release singles in a wide array of genres. Jons passion for musicknowledge of business, and experience in entertainment makes him a well rounded artist poised to rise to success. 

About the Artist

thE Word on the Street...

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Jon Davis created the perfect Pop hit by deviating from the archetypal and bolding running with his own boundlessly euphoric yet connectable and resonant style" -Amelia Vandergast, AnR Factory 

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"This is a huge, energetic and atmospheric pop anthem that would sound equally as engaging whether you’re listening in the car or the club." -XuneMag

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"We cannot wait for his new album and what he has in store for us" -BuzzMusic

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His voice has a wonderful range and tone, never sacrificing the unique qualities of his individual voice for the sake of the backing mix or limited instrumentals. -Eric Reyes, PopBulb

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Jon Davis featured as the cover for LÜM Music Playlist with new single "Goodbye"

"Goodbye is the Breakup Anthem of 2020"

"Breaks through that miasma of forgettability..."

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